Ionic 4 router animation

Note: this component should only be used with Angular and Vue projects. For vanilla or Stencil JavaScript projects, use ion-router and ion-route. Although router outlet has methods for navigating around, it's recommended to use the navigation methods in your framework's router. Routes rendered in a Router Outlet have access to specific Ionic events that are wired up to animations. These event tie into Ionic's animation system and can be used to coordinate parts of your app when a Components is done with its animation.

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These events are not a replacement for your framework's own event system, but an addition. For Angular, there are Router Guards. By default ion-nav animates transition between pages based in the mode ios or material design. However, this property allows to create custom transition using AnimateBuilder functions.

Router outlet is a component used in routing within an Angular or Vue app.

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It behaves in a similar way to Angular's built-in router outlet component and Vue's router view component, but contains the logic for providing a stacked navigation, and animating views in and out. If truethe router-outlet should animate the transition of components. The mode determines which platform styles to use.Ionic 5 is a step forward in terms of performance, development experience and P rogressive W eb A pps support. It's clear that the Ionic Framework team is doing a great job positioning themselves as the framework of choice to build modern mobile and progressive web apps.

In this ionic tutorial we will discover all the possibilities the new Ionic Navigation brings and also talk about some usability tricks we can add to our Ionic Framework apps to make them look even better. This post is part of the "Mastering Ionic Framework" series which deep dives into Ionic advanced stuff. Don't be afraid, if you are new to Ionic 5, I strongly recommend you to read our What's new in Ionic 5 tutorial. At IonicThemes we are big fans of Learning by examplethat's why all our Ionic tutorials include complete and free code examples that you can reuse in your Ionic projects.

We strive to create the best content for Ionic Framework, both tutorials and templatesto help the Ionic community succeed. Empowering developers to achieve a free life through coding is what keep us going everyday, and seeing developers succeed using our tutorials and templates really fulfill us.

Beautiful Router Animations with Angular

We can help you create better apps with our detailed and professional templatescrafted with love and dedication. Please check them out and let us know if you have any questions or feedback. Navigation is one of the most important parts of an app. Solid navigation patterns help us achieve great user experience while a great router implementation will ease the development process and at the same time make our apps discoverable and linkable. Navigation is indeed one of the most important elements of user experience that every developer must include on its checklist while creating any kind of app.

A bad navigation can frustrate users to an extent that they end up uninstalling the app and even posting a negative review about your app on the app store. While this approach was super aligned with how native frameworks iOS, Android work, and also felt more intuitable to develop with, it completely left out of the table mobile web scenarios.

With the increasing popularity and hype of Progressive Web Appsthis became even more evident. If you are building for the web, then it's super important for your app to be Discoverable enable search engines find, crawl and index your app pages and Linkable pages should be linked together to showcase the content structure and also be easily shareable via URLs. These are 2 of the 10 principles an apps needs to comply in order to be considered a PWA. The Angular Router is a solid, URL based navigation library that eases the development process dramatically and at the same time enables you to build complex navigation structures.

In addition, the Angular Router is also capable of Lazy Loading modules, handle data through page transitions with Route Resolvers, and handling Route Guards to fine tune access to certain parts of your app. If you want to learn more about Angular routers I suggest you to check the this Angular Tutorial: Learn Angular from scratch step by step. To be honest, I'm really happy the Ionic team decided to adopt this router for Ionic Angular applications.

It's an ionic 5 app that you can use to jump start your Ionic app development and save yourself hundreds of hours of design and development. It includes more than carefully designed views and components.Simon also writes about Ionic frequently on his blog Devdactic. In this tutorial we will look at the new navigation system inside Ionic Framework 4.

With Ionic 4, your app is using Angular, which already comes with some new additions itself. But now Ionic is also using the standard Angular Router in the background.

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This means, instead of pushing and popping around inside your app, we have to define paths that are aligned with our pages. Go ahead and run:.

This will create a new project which you can directly run with ionic serve once you are inside that folder. It should bring up a blank app in your browser with just one page.

This is the first place for routing information in our app and the place where we can add more information about how our app works. Right now, we have two routes defined inside the array.

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Inside the definition for the home path we can now spot the loadChildren key in which we supply a path to the module file of our home page. This module file holds some information and imports for the page, but you can think of it as the page that gets displayed. Ok, cool, we now have a router and are loading a page through a path, so how is this connected with actual HTML or the index page of the app?

The only thing we display is an app-root, which is still not very clear. This is the key to understanding how the routing works: The Angular Router will replace router outlets with the resolved information for a path. This means inside the body, at the top level, we have this special Ionic router outlet which is the standard Angular outlet plus some animation extras wrapped inside a tag for the Ionic app itself.

Once we navigate to a certain path, the router will look for a match inside the routes we defined, and display the page inside the right outlet. Now, you are hopefully ready to navigate the change a bit better.

Because a single page is not yet an app, we need more pages! Right now, we could add 2 additional pages like this:. After creating pages with the CLI your app-routing. Right now, it also contains routing information for the three new pages we added with the according path of their module. One thing I often do with my apps is change the initial page to be a different component.Ionic Animations is a utility that allows developers to build complex animations in a platform agnostic manner.

Developers do not need to be using a particular framework such as React or Angular, nor do they even need to be building an Ionic app. As long as developers have access to v5. Building efficient animations can be tricky.

Developers are often limited by the libraries available to them as well as the hardware that their apps run on. On top of that, many animation libraries use a JavaScript-driven approach to running animations where they handle the calculation of your animation's values at every step in a requestAnimationFrame loop. This reduces the scalability of your animations as the library is constantly computing values and using up CPU time.

In doing this, we offload all work required to compute and run your animations to the browser. As a result, this allows the browser to make any optimizations it needs and ensures your animations run as smoothly as possible. The performance difference in switching between these two should typically be negligible. Animations can be created via the AnimationController dependency injection. React wrappers are in beta. Please report any issues on GitHub!

In the example above, an animation that changes the opacity on the. This animation will run an infinite number of times, and each iteration of the animation will last ms. By default, all Ionic Animations are paused until the play method is called. Ionic Animations allows you to control the intermediate steps in an animation using keyframes.

Hyphenated CSS properties should be written using camel case when writing keyframes. For example, border-radius should be written as borderRadius.

This also applies to the fromTofromand to methods. In the example above, the.The modal can be dismissed after creation by calling the dismiss method on the modal controller. The onDidDismiss function can be called to perform an action after the modal is dismissed. Modal uses scoped encapsulation, which means it will automatically scope its CSS by appending each of the styles with an additional class at runtime.

Overriding scoped selectors in CSS requires a higher specificity selector. We recommend passing a custom class to cssClass in the create method and using that to add custom styles to the host and inner elements.

This property can also accept multiple classes separated by spaces. View the Usage section for an example of how to pass a class using cssClass. If you are building an Ionic Angular app, the styles need to be added to a global stylesheet file.

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Read Style Placement in the Angular section below for more information. During creation of a modal, data can be passed in through the componentProps. The previous example can be written to include data:. A modal can be dismissed by calling the dismiss method on the modal controller and optionally passing any data from the modal.

When lazy loading a modal, it's important to note that the modal will not be loaded when it is opened, but rather when the module that imports the modal's module is loaded.

For example, say there exists a CalendarComponent and an EventModal. The modal is presented by clicking a button in the CalendarComponent. Modals in iOS mode have the ability to be presented in a card-style and swiped to close. The card-style presentation and swipe to close gesture are not mutually exclusive, meaning you can pick and choose which features you want to use. For example, you can have a card-style modal that cannot be swiped or a full sized modal that can be swiped.

Card style modals when running on iPhone-sized devices do not have backdrops. As a result, the --backdrop-opacity variable will not have any effect. If you are creating an application that uses ion-tabsit is recommended that you get the parent ion-router-outlet using this.

In Angular, the CSS of a specific page is scoped only to elements of that page.

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Even though the Modal can be presented from within a page, the ion-modal element is appended outside of the current page. This means that any custom styles need to go in a global stylesheet file. A modal can be dismissed by calling the dismiss method and optionally passing any data from the modal.

ionic 4 router animation

Additional classes to apply for custom CSS. If multiple classes are provided they should be separated by spaces. If truethe keyboard will be automatically dismissed when the overlay is presented. The element that presented the modal.

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This is used for card presentation effects and for stacking multiple modals on top of each other. Only applies in iOS mode. A Modal is a dialog that appears on top of the app's content, and must be dismissed by the app before interaction can resume. It is useful as a select component when there are a lot of options to choose from, or when filtering items in a list, as well as many other use cases.Ionic 4 provides different mechanisms for routing.

The Ionic 4 router which is based on web components just like the other Ionic core components. But for an angular type project, you can also take benefit of the powerful Angular 6 router which brings more features to implement advanced use cases more easily.

In this tutorial, we'll use the Angular router and Ionic CLI 4 to create a demo application with routing and navigation examples. For any angular type project, you'll notice that the Angular router is added by default. You'll also notice that generated pages using the CLI v4 are added automatically to the routing module. Now, using your terminal, go ahead and run the following command to create a new project:.

We are creating a project based on the blank template with the name ionic4-routing. After creating a new application, let's add some pages first. Go back to your terminal and run the following command to generate a new page named list. Let's see what's in there.

ionic 4 router animation

This is the content of the routing file:. In the app-routing. It takes the path of the module relative to the src folder.

You need to pass the full path of the module as a string and put the then the module name. This is the content:. Sponsored Links. What Is Angular 9 ivy? How to add Bootstrap 4 to my Angular 9 app? How to Install and Use jQuery with Angular 9?

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ionic 4 router animation

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