Does biokinesis work

That definition has led to some different interpretations — most of which are wrong. Hopefully this section will clear things up. Subliminal messages are stimuli that lie below our threshold of conscious awareness.

Many people confuse subliminal influence with subconscious influence. But those two concepts are very different. A stimulus can influence us subconsciously without being subliminal. When researchers played music in a liquor store, they found a startling result. On days when German music was played, German wine outsold French wine.

Did people know that the music was influencing their behavior?

does biokinesis work

Nope — they were subconsciously influenced. Did people hear the music? Indeed, they did. Thus, the music was supraliminal, not subliminal. Need more evidence? However, subliminal factors are a different animal. Subaudible messages — low volume audio cues that are inserted into a louder audio source, such as music.

Backmasking — an audio message that is recorded backwards, with the intention of playing it forward to disguise the reversed message. Regardless of type, subliminal messages often involve sexual cues. The reason? People claim that associating a stimulus with sex can enhance the appeal of the overall content.

A pretty bizarre claim, I know. But is there merit to it? Keep reading…. People claim that subliminal messages have shown up in advertising, movies, and music. Unfortunately, most of the examples are purely coincidental. The cues are just supraliminal stimuli disguised within a visual. You can blame the subliminal advertising chaos on James Vicary. People became scared that mind control was possible, and the hoax gave advertising a bad rap. Since then, people have been on the lookout for suspicious ads containing subliminal messages.

Here are a few examples that sparked some attention:. Movie editors from Disney — yes, Disney — have been criticized for putting subliminal messages in movies. Here are a few examples. One famous example of subliminal messages in music can be found in Judas Priest. And those messages allegedly caused the suicide of two male teenagers. In fact, I was and still am very skeptical about the influence of subliminal cues.

A few decades ago, researchers would have agreed that subliminal messages were BS. For instance, new research has shown that subliminal messages in advertising can, in fact, influence our purchasing behavior. Pretty cool. Murphy and Zajonc found that people developed a more favorable opinion of ambiguous symbols after they were subliminally flashed with smiling individuals.

In fact, this effect was stronger when the exposure was subliminal.Flow Admin August 17, Guides 4 Comments. This may involve altering, healing and destroying the cancer cells,increasing body mass. Also it allows the person to change physical appearance and even heal the physical body. However, the most common biokinetic technique is changing eye color. It may also be used to alter the structure of the DNA or heal diseases, not just in your own body but together with the others.

Although medical doctors do not admit the truth behind it, some of them refuse to critic due to the fear of being opposed. However, some sites claim that some muscle building programs integrate principles of this discipline. Anyone possess the capacity to learn biokinesis. However, it is advised that those people who want to learn biokinesis, should be knowledgeable about the theory behind the technique.

A person should also be optimistic who will believe in his capabilities. Thus, a person that is going to use it must not be too emotionally invested, and not dependent on other people. He must also be able to develop the ability to concentrate and focus on one priority at a time. The average number of months for a person to master this discipline is two to six months.

What are binaural beats, and how do they work?

It always depends on your body especially your DNA. It also depends on your effort, particularly how passionate you are about your goal, how many times you listen to subliminals in a day, and how sensitive your subconscious mind is to autosuggestion.

It may also depend on your focus. Since you may listen to relaxing music, it may distract you to think about other unnecessary things while listening. Lastly, it may also depend on the personal goal.

does biokinesis work

Just like other Disciplines on this website,the techniques here may harm you and if you will not use them correctly. For frequencies, it is better to stop immediately once you feel that you have already listened for long. Studies have shown that excessive listening to loud music will gradually cause hearing loss to a person. One of the very first things you must do before embarking on your biokinetic journey is to get familiar with the theory behind it.

Understanding how it works is a complex idea to comprehand especially in practicing it. Otherwise, your subconscious mind will not believe what you are doing. Get started by knowing more about subliminal audios or those that contain hidden affirmations. One must also learn more about frequencies and how they influence the brain to alter the body.

It is also best if you can deal with your personal and emotional problems before beginning to concentrate on your biokinetic procedures. Your current emotional concerns may reverse the process.Binaural beat therapy is an emerging form of sound wave therapy.

It makes use of the fact that the right and left ear each receive a slightly different frequency tone, yet the brain perceives these as a single tone. Advocates of this type of therapy currently recommend it for the treatment of anxietystressand related disorders.

This self-help treatment is usually available in the form of audio recordings that a person listens to on stereo headphones.

However, research is inconclusive about the clinical benefits of binaural beat therapy, and a doctor does not oversee its delivery. Therefore, it is best not to replace traditional treatments for stress and anxiety with this type of intervention.

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Binaural beat therapy is not part of standard care for any condition. Doctors consider this treatment to be semi-experimental. In this article, we explain binaural beats and look at current research to assess their effectiveness. We also clarify how to use them.

Subliminal Messages: Do They Really Work?

According to a literature reviewthe tones should be at frequencies lower than 1, hertz Hz for the brain to detect the binaural beat. The binaural beat that a person perceives is the frequency difference between the waves entering the left and right ear. For example, if the left ear registers a tone at Hz and the right ear registers one at Hz, the binaural beat is 10 Hz — the difference between the two frequencies.

The purpose of using binaural beats therapy may differ among individuals. Some people may need help decreasing their anxiety, while others might want to increase their concentration or deepen their level of meditation. However, a study that measured the effects of binaural beat therapy using EEG monitoring found that binaural beat therapy does not affect brain activity or emotional stimulation. The researchers also monitored heart rate and skin conductance as indicators of emotional arousal.

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To listen to binaural beats, a person will need a pair of stereo headphones and an MP3 player or another music system. As the leading authorities in psychiatric treatment have no recommendations for binaural beats, it is usually the producer of the tape that makes the suggestions for use.

People should follow the instructions carefully. Those who do not see any reduction in anxiety might benefit from trying a different producer, type of sound, or frequency. It is important to avoid using binaural beats therapy while undertaking tasks that require alertness and full attention, such as driving. Early research from suggested that binaural beat therapy may yield some benefit for people with mild anxiety. However, the authors stated that it warranted further study only as a therapeutic measure to support conventional treatments for anxiety.

Despite this, other researchers have continued to investigate this therapy. A study involving more than participants who were due to receive general anesthesia for a day procedure reported a decrease in preoperative anxiety after exposure to a delta wave binaural beat. The participants in this study listened to 30 minutes of binaural beats before surgery.

However, the researchers noted that people experiencing high levels of preoperative anxiety could listen to binaural beats for up to 1 hour before anesthesia to reduce levels of anxiety. Researchers from the National College of Natural Medicine in Oregon conducted a study on binaural beat therapy in They evaluated eight study participants who listened to delta wave binaural beat therapy every day for 60 days. The results showed a decrease in anxiety, insulin-like growth factor, and dopamine.

The participants also reported an increase in quality of life. The team concluded that although the small sample size means that further research is necessary, binaural beats might improve self-reported anxiety. A review of 22 studies found a significant link between more prolonged exposure to binaural beat tapes and reduced anxiety.

It also found that practitioners did not need to mask the beats with white noise for the treatment to have an effect.I recently began my journey is finding out ways and techniques to make myself better everyday, either by learning, training, using biohacking and sheer determination. Seems too fancy to be real? Lets find out.

Biokinesis in this way, is very similar to using law of attraction or positivity to change energies around your life. Being positive keeps you happy. In turn it yields positive result in your love or career. Biokinesis is a method used to change or alter the DNA of a person to make physical changes in the body.

It is the use of kinetic energy to rearrange, or control genes inside of the body. The answer, in theory, is yes. You would essentially become a superhuman.

There has been a technique that seems to work for minor things. Most popular technique is to try changing the color of your eyes.

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I have been doing some research on the topic in the past one week and began working on one of the technique by using sound or subliminal messages to make alternations in the color of eyes. I will be posting more about this experiment in the coming weeks. Biokinesis uses the power of the mind to change physical aspects of your life. As to you can control the genetics inside your body to make changes such as color of eyes, hair color and shape it, grow or make disappear or be high etc.

To do this, you can either meditate during a period to a level which you control your thoughts and relax your mind or you can use subliminal messages enigmatic in the form of audio or a quick sentence in video in which your conscious does not understand but your subconscious believes.

So there are many theories that surround the topic on how you can execute the techniques. Some of them are:. The Placebo effect can take a toll on the mind, I have seen countless times as to when you commit to an idea, focus on it, think about it. You can manifest the same into your life.

What is Biokinesis? All you need to know.

Entrepreneurs do that all the time without realizing it. Because you work on it and give it all you got.I found this biokinesis, and I just wanted to know if any of your eye color changed, even a little bit.

Biokinesis can't change your DNA any more than it could make your nose smaller. It's nonsense. There is a surgical procedure done in Panama where a colored disc is inserted in front of your own iris giving the appearance of a different color, but it isn't actually changing the original color. It only a load of nonsense. It works, I was looking into biokinesis and medtitation a lot and I tried with this form of meditation.

I looked in the mirror right after and didn't see a change but in a few days my eyes had gone from brown-almost black- colored eyes to a very light brown. And my sister looked at me one day and stared at me for a long time before saying that my eyes got really light. Other people saw the change when they actually looked at my features.

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But, in meditation I wanted gold eyes but could only achieve light brown. If i mediated longer and multiple times I know I probably could have achieved the color I wanted but I only meditated for no more than flirty minutes one time.

The other downside is that after about a week my real eye color came back, you have to consotantly and repeatedly do these meditations to keep your eye color that you changed it to. All in all it's possible and works, it's just really hard to do. Tania Tickle Titties. Answer Save. Footprintz Lv 7. BTW, there are no drops or surgery that changes the eye color either Where's the Beef Lv 5. Nope, biokinesis can't do that. How do you think about the answers?

You can sign in to vote the answer. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.Biokinesis is the use of kinetic energy to control or rearrange genes and structures inside your body. Changing your eye color with biokinesis involves manipulating your body with your mind 1. It is thought to be a dangerous practice if you aren't careful or quit between starting the procedure and finishing it.

It takes time, practice and learning how to appreciate yourself. Lay down on a comfortable, soft surface in the time right before you go to sleep.

Relax and focus on the peaceful emptiness that's present behind your closed eyes. Visualize your body in its relaxed state. In the visualization, your eyes should be closed. Watch as your body opens its eyes and observe the color of the eyes change to the shade you desire. Deeply focus on the particular color of the eyes.

Envision the body with the new-colored eyes being absorbed by you and becoming you. Visualize yourself opening these eyes and looking in a mirror. In the reflection, see your eye color as the new, desired one. Re-enter a state of consciousness.

does biokinesis work

Reflect on the exercise, what you did and what you saw. Focus on the change you seek. Repeat the process every night for one month. Whenever you look into a mirror, visualize your eyes as the new eye color. Convince yourself that your eyes are the desired color. Watch as your eyes begin to change. With time, your mind will see your eye color change into the desired color.

Be very careful when doing biokinesis. Some people have reported experiencing blindness when attempting to change their eye color. You may determine the risk isn't worth it. She is a broadcast journalist-turned Director of Marketing and Public Relations and has experience researching, writing, producing and reporting.

She writes for several websites, specializing in gardening, medical, health and fitness, entertainment and travel. Shetsky has a Bachelor of Arts in communications from Marist College. Monitor the health of your community here. More Articles. Diseases and Injuries. Written by Kelly Shetsky. If you are experiencing serious medical symptoms, seek emergency treatment immediately. Things Needed Comfortable, soft surface.So, biokinesis is the ability to control and change ones genes DNA by just using the psychic powers of mind.

But, if biokinesis is possible, then it means, it is also possible to change not only eye color but also hair and skin color. There are several factors that determine your eye color. The amount of light passing through the iris and the way it scatters gives the color. The color of the iris ranges from light blue to dark brown. The most common colors are blue, green and brown. Brown is the most common eye color as it is more dominant allele. On learning biokinesis, you can change your eye color by controlling the amount of melanin and the way the light passes through iris.

This can be achieved by controlling your subconscious mind and changing your genes. The best way to practice this is by meditation or using subliminal messages for changing an eye color.

It is believed that, with the help of biokinesis you can change your eye color only to either blue or green or brown. If you think of changing your eye color to any other color such as pink, purple or orange, then biokinesis will not work.

This is due to the fact that your subconscious mind already knows that it is unnatural and impossible. Before training biokinesis, one must practice meditation for a few days that help your mind to relax and keep calm. This helps to control your subconscious mind and will be easy for you to get the desired outcome. To do this technique, you must have some knowledge on science behind the eye color.

I have already explained a bit above, but you must have more deep knowledge regarding this. The other technique that is very simple to use is listening to subliminal messages or a visual messages on your computer screen that are related to biokinesis.

The time it takes to work is different for each person. The stronger your belief, the stronger it impresses on your mind and the faster you will make. It may take anything from few months to few years depending on your practice and belief system. It is utmost important to keep in mind that learning biokinesis is something like messing up with your own genes.

It is not something to play around like other psychic powers such as telekinesis or pyrokinesis. You must have a complete knowledge on this as you are dealing with your own DNA.

Biokinesis – Change Your DNA and Eye Color with Your Mind

Just reading this article is not enough for your biokinesis training. So, it is necessary to be very careful while attempting this psychic power and keep in mind that it is very dangerous to leave the practice in between the transformation. Comments are closed, but trackbacks and pingbacks are open. Skip to content. Contents hide.

What is Biokinesis. How Biokinesis Works?

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Biokinesis Techniques 3. Technique 1. Technique 2. Biokinesis — How Long it takes?

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